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big surf/baby surf ❤️
it’s taken a hold on me ///
ก็มีความสนใจของฉัน (at Palm Tree No 3)


Astronomyy is back! “Drivin Me Crazy” is the latest single from the Worcestershire-based singer/songwriter multi-instrumentalist, and it honestly could not have come any sooner.

The bad news is that I still have no idea what the artist’s real name is, but I guess he likes being a little mysterious about that aspect, and I don’t blame him. What I do know now and what I’ve known from the very beginning is that this man is the next big ticket in minimal electronic production.

Following the suit of his previous singles, this is yet another emotional yet complex work of art. Filled with intricate atmospherics and signature spine tingling guitar lines, “Drivin Me Crazy” is a great reason to jump aboard the Astronomyy boat.

SOUNDS LIKE: James Blake, Bat For Lashes, Beach House, Bon Iver

GREAT FOR: Campfires, Napping, Cuddling, Background Music

whisperrer: I love your music. Its just absolutely brilliant

That means so much. Thank you ❤️

Drivin Me Crazy

introducing: Astronomyy


While his songtitles are quite contradictory, Astronomyy’s sound convinces at the first play. The Worcestershire-based songsmith strips down r&b to the bare essence, with a Jai Paul-like smooth voice singing about the pros and cons of love. His first offering Don’t Need U is urban pop gone lo-fi, which compliments quite perfectly with the more romantic Things I’d For U and its candy-sweet space guitar over a synth line.

Listen: astronomyy – ‘Things I’d Do For U’

"Nocturnal guitar solos and breathy beats entwine throughout this Worcestershire native’s spine-tingling, hip-hop leaning work."†ronomyy-128677